What to pack for sailing —2017 update - The other 'F-word'
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21 Jul What to pack for sailing —2017 update

I have officially given up hope that business is done in the months of July and August. I have decided to simply accept that what I thought was a purely Mediterranean reluctance to do much in the heat of the summer is, in fact, a worldwide epidemic.

And on that joyful note, I decided to start getting excited about my upcoming sailing vacation. Remember when I told you in depth about my sailing trip in Croatia? Well, I am once again joining the fun-loving crew of Med Sailing Holidays and going to Greece, instead.

And what does one do to hype themselves up for a vacation? Pack! Packing for a sailing vacation is unlike anything I have ever experienced, to be honest. Lots to consider and planning is key. Space is limited, yet the holiday is quite long, being 7 days in total. Minimalism has never been my strongest suit, you see…

So let’s begin with the updated packing list for a sailing holiday from yours truly. Of course, we will begin with beauty products.

What to pack for sailing — beauty?

1. Sunblock

No matter how tanned you already are and how tolerant to the sun you usually can be, you will burn on a boat. If not on the day you take off, then the next one. Guaranteed.

For someone like me, this is a threat from the time my foot touches the deck. Hence, SPF50+ of the physical sunblock kind. ‘Avene’ does a great one.

what to pack for sailing

2. Cleansing wipes

Sailing boats have tiny sinks and you may find it hard to use regular face wash. And mind you, you will have to wash your face very often. Sea spray, re-applying the above mentioned sunblock and general need to cool off the skin, while sailing for several hours…You get my point.

Facial wipes help here a lot. I like ‘Yes to Cucumbers’ because why would you deny the awesome vegetable.


3. Foot cream

Because you are perpetually barefoot on a wooden floor. Your regular body lotion won’t cut it.

It is probably best to skip pedicures right before your vacation, too. You will definitely need one immediately after though…

4. Really good hair conditioner

Shampoos might come and ago but your hair needs the most emollient and the most smoothing conditioner money can buy. The salt, the wind and a shower that has no real pressure to speak of will mean tangles galore.

I am a huge fan of ‘Alterna’ lately. Their Caviar range is excellent for my heavily processed, very thin and tangly hair. I am packing the travel-sized conditioner and CC-cream.


5. Anti-mosquito goodies

Not strictly speaking a cosmetic product, yet a mandatory addition to any toiletries bag. I tend to attract them, like a flame draws in moths.

Instead of sprays, I will be dragging with me several bracelets and some stickers. My skin will probably be smothered in Aloe Vera in any case…

What to pack for sailing — fashion?

1. Massive hat

I am a fan of @bitsandpiecestogo nowadays, so have acquired a wide-brimmed hat of my own, keeping up with the latest Instagram fashion trends.


You can buy the original hats from the Lebanese designer, based in London in Cyprus, too. Just visit the new “Ink’d by Maya” store that has had its’ soft opening only last week.

2. Smaller baseball cap

You see where I am going with this? You need cover. And at full speed, chances are your (my) wide-brimmed beautiful hat will go for a swim.

Save that for shore or anchor and pack a snapback or baseball cap to shelter your face and eyes during sailing. I prefer baseball hats, usually. Unless I find something super awesome…

IMG_3798 2

3. Cute cover-up

Make sure it is cute, as it may be the only item of clothing you will wear all week. No joke.

Instead of a sarong, go for kaftans or even long shirts. The latter has been a wardrobe staple for me this summer even on shore. I am definitely continuing the trend on a boat.

4. Flip-flops

Sandals, flip-flops, pantoufles (Greek for ‘flip-flops’) are the only kind of shoes you will ever need. On the boat, shoes are not allowed. On solid ground, you will look rather odd trying to balance on heels or even wedges.

I invested into customised Havaianas this summer. I also could not resist a bit of added height on mine, despite being a full 1,70cm.

Havaianas High Light

We now have a fully fledged store in Cyprus that does the customization. Previously, I have only seen this service in Selfridges, London, so we are moving up in the world.

5. As many swimsuits as you can physically pack

You may not want to do this but I have been known to pack 8 swimsuits for a 4-day break. Believe me, I have worn them all…

So this time around, I am not yet done selecting the ones I will take with me for an entire week worth of sea, sun, salt.

And that sums up my revised list of what to pack sailing. I hope you have found something interesting and may even find use for it, whether on or off a boat. See you very soon and follow my Instagram for holiday inspo from the beautiful Ionian islands in Greece.