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31 Mar Top 5 Best Dress Shirts To Own This Season

And today we do a little something for the men in our lives and aim to inspire them to dress their best, when next to our glamorous selves. And let’s be honest, it is so impossibly difficult to please them, when it comes to presents! Thank goodness our guest blogger for the day, Claire, has this covered in her exciting new article on dress shirts and how to choose them. Read on to find out how to choose a dress shirt today and never struggle in the men’s stores again.

Top 5 Best Dress Shirts To Own This Season

Whether you agree or not, a dress shirt adds a lot of elegance in your overall look. In formal meetings, in semi-formal settings, on party days or just for a hangout with your friends, a dress shirt is a men’s ultimate style partner. A good men’s dress shirt should be comfortable and easy to wear. The dress shirts come in a variety of styles from simple to bolds and unique patterns, you just need to find the perfect fit for having enjoying a perfect day.


Always remember two things when buying a dress shirt-one is that it should be timeless, other is that it should be elegant.  A good dress shirt does not have to be the most expensive one on the rack. Here are the top 5 best dress shirts you should own this season:

  1. My Tailor Custom fit dress shirts: You will be surprised that you can get an exactly customized shirt. My tailor custom fit dress shirt can be ordered online or by calling on their tailors at home. A custom fit dress shirt will make a difference in how you move and how you style. Available in wide range of fabrics and colors.
  2. Todd Snyder-Designer shirts: The top favorite designer shirt this season that too in an extremely easy price. The pointed narrow collar and single button shirt are what make it different from others. Wearable for both at day during work and a night out.
  3. The Dark Chambrey Work Shirt by J. Crew: The Dark Chambrey Work Shirt by J. Crew comes in a solid blue shade with white buttons and an elegant look. The two sided pockets give it a unique look as compared to other styles of the season. Ideal for both formal and semi-formal look. It is made of cotton and is a regular fit kind. No special washing steps required. Just spin it in machine (with like colors definitely).
  4. Non-iron Brooks Brothers Dress shirts: The non-iron Brooks Brothers slim fit dress shirt is probably the hottest pick of the season. Solid colors with stripes and double cuffs. This Brooks Brothers shirt is comfortable and tropical. You can wear it throughout the year. Good for men who are like to avoid ironing. Simple and convenient. A lot of sizes are available; pick the one that suits you best comfortably.
  5. The Loose fit Nordstrom dress shirt: The Nordstrom Loose fit shirt is ideal for men who do not like to go slim fit. You can enjoy a lot of motion through this shirt. Also good for summers when going slim fit puts layers of sweat on the body. Airy and light. The armholes are made relaxed. Enjoy being covered in a light way. The smart rounded collar and a curved hem are the most lovable features in this shirt.


There are many dress shirts to own from but these top trending should be your priority picks for this season. We have tried to include all the three fits for you; a regular fit, a custom fit and a slim fit.

Author Bio:

Claire Ashley
Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is a creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! 🙂