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spring 2017 fashion trends

27 Feb 5 Spring 2017 Fashion Trends I Love (and 1 can live without)

First day of spring is almost here but in Cyprus this Monday is the start of something else. Known as “Clean” or “Green Monday”, this day marks the start of Lent, end of carnival festivities and the start of the very quick transition to summer. Realistically, spring in Cyprus is very short-lived, as we tend to go from Christmas to full-blown beach weather in mere couple of months. Yet, some are determined to make the most of this short transitional period, especially when it comes to fashion. Having looked at what the runways had to offer, I selected a few trends I will definitely be pursuing and several style ideas I will have to build up courage to consider. Here are my picks for spring 2017 fashion that are trendy, yet wearable.

1. Yellow

Apparently, this spring yellow is THE shade to rock. I can’t say I am unhappy, as I love the sunshine colour. However, I am a little worried about it for the first time ever. According to a colour consultation I got last year, yellow is simply not the shade for me. You can read all about that here but let’s just say that I will never look at the colour the same way again.

This issue aside, I am loving this Self-Portrait dress, available at shopbop. More mustard than sunshine, I’d buy this in a heartbeat to satisfy my craving for something from this affordable, yet luxurious design house.Self Portrait

2. Exposed shoulders

I was all over the off-the-shoulder trend last year, pretty much like any other person in the world. If, like me, you still try to rock naked shoulders in winter, then you are in luck.

Spring 2017 is all about off- or one-shoulder tops and dresses. Personally, I am loving this in every shape and form. I already own numerous tops but have my eye set on a pretty little dress from Talulah Alessa, also available from shopbop. I love the ruffles, the pale pink and the fact that it is a lot more elegant than the cheap-ish Kim K knock-offs that seem to be all over the internet for over a year now.

spring 2017 fashion trends

3. Khaki

Because I think this shade is universally flattering. Because it pairs so well with denim (and, let’s face it, I do favour denim over anything else for daytime chic). Because it can be dressed up and down with ease.

Because the most comfortable pair of shoes I own are in this colour. Aquazzura makes the most comfortable suede stiletto shoes. You heard it hear first. I literally wore the heel caps off my first pair last year and will be doing the same in 2017. You can buy a similar pair at Selfridges now.


4. Sleeves

Apart from shoulder love, Spring 2017 brings back the funky sleeve designs, too. The flares and ruffles of last year are going away and this time around we have slits that start at the elbows and reach your fingers. I quite like it for a number of reasons:

  1. Makes your forearms look very delicate
  2. Creates a beautiful motion
  3. Let’s you show off some serious arm candy (stack those bangles).

I found an amazing blazer on Luisaviaroma that nails the slit sleeve trend and combines it with my other love: tailored structured jackets. Behold the beautiful jacket I plan to buy ASAP.

Tailored Slit Sleeve

5. Corset

Ok, so technically not a corset but a waist-cincher. And in 2017 it is a little more athleisure, less Moulin Rouge. I still love them and think not many other accessories can make a woman look so risqué, yet empowered at the same time.  

I am not a fan of the white t-shirt and black leather corset, made popular by Kim K but do love the combo of a corset-belt over a plain white shirt-dress (another trend, by the way). Make that shirt-dress a little longer and skip the black leather on the corset and you are a lot less dominatrix and a lot more runway model. I like this style, as sold on ASOS.

spring 2017 fashion trends

And the one trend I will do without…

I am still unsure if I should be discounting this but here goes nothing…I draw the line at robes. Bathrobes, to be precise. I don’t know if at any point in time, I will come to regret this (as I did once or twice with the whole pyjama trend) but I am not looking forward to seeing people rock their fluffy bathroom wear, instead of trench coats and leather jackets.

spring 2017 fashion trends

This sums up my favourite spring 2017 fashion trends. I am happy to see some established favourites make a comeback, or stick around a little longer. Here is to warmer temperatures and flawless shoulders! What will you be looking forward to wearing before summer makes swimwear all we care about?