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14 Jul On demand: basic skincare update

The past 2 weeks I have been asked the same question, over and over again. Don’t take this as bragging, yet the question is: “What are you doing differently these days? You look so fresh/good/youthful/ lately.” I always answer “nothing” but having thought about it, the correct answer should be “nothing right now.” The fact is that I have been following a very different skincare and makeup routine lately and by “lately”,  I mean for the past 3 months or so. This is roughly the amount of time a good skincare regime needs to show results, incidentally. Positive feedback amongst women is rare, so I am inclined to say I did something right. And because one thing to know about me is that I am not at all greedy, I will share the “secret” with you. Stay tuned to find out what I have changed in my basic skincare update and how circumstances have affected my makeup essentials.

P.S. There is something to be said about one’s ability to simply take the above comment as a compliment, rather than a back-handed dig at the fact that perhaps one was less than fresh before. But that is a whole other story…

Face wash

Staying true to my SBC Collection 3-in-1 collagen cream cleanser (along with a funky shammy cloth) for makeup removal, I have also been loving another product for pure cleansing. The product is by a brand called Kypwell, which I reviewed separately. Their foam cleanser has been in my shower for the past 3 months, keeping my pores squeaky clean. The brand is local to Cyprus and available for purchase in select salons and online. SBC products are available in Cyprus via the online store of XTEssentials, too.


Again, I have been loving Kypwell and their Floral Mist Toner, using it at least once per day. In addition, in order to exfoliate my problematic skin, I have been changing between the Biologique Recherche P50 and Mario Babescu Special Cucumber Lotion. The latter has been a staple for years. The Biologique Recherche is something of a surprise for me, as I really did not expect to like it or use it. It grew on me and considering the feedback on my skin, that’s a good thing. I still can’t tolerate the smell though…

Floral Mist


Shockingly, I have stepped back from the Vitamin C obsession. It has been replaced with The Ordinary skincare obsession and have used up an entire bottle of the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1 serum, which incidentally, I will repurchase today. I credit this with keeping any breakouts under control, to the extent possible, considering my active fitness regime and extreme heat in Cyprus.

Additionally, I also change between SBC Collection Witch Hazel Skin Gel and Kypwell Rejuvenating Herbal Elixir (in the cover photo) for combination/oily skin. The former is to keep even more control over any breakouts. The latter is for those rare times in extreme heat and humidity, when I feel I need some moisture added to my skin.

basic skincare update

Day cream

Absolutely none. I literally can’t bear the thought of adding an actual moisturising cream to my skincare routine for months now. Instead, I mix two Missha products to replace my day cream and makeup. The products are:

  1. M Perfect Cover BB Cream (the usual)
  2. Signature Complexion Coordinating BB Cream (the new, more CC-, than BB-cream from the brand).

With excellent coverage and SPF 40+, both are wonders in keeping my skin clean of actual makeup, as it is unnecessary, and protecting my skin from sun pigmentation. And it is a good thing they do that, because…

Night cream and more

I have been ignoring all warnings and continued using both Retinol and, lately, AHA-based exfoliants in the depths of the summer. This trend never really stopped, except for some time in June, when I slowed down on AHA. I instantly regretted that, so now we are back on with the 15% Step Up Face Cream Plus from Neostrata. Truthfully, I do not use this everyday but definitely stick to 2-3 times per week. It burns, so I know I am pushing my luck. Yet, I do not tan or go in the mid-day sun, so I think I am hedging my risks enough.

basic skincare

Retinol is a nightly ritual. I am unsure as to how effective my current Retinol product is, as I was very unhappy with the results, when I took a break from AHA. Thankfully, I can soon replace the Everclear-RL that I now am running low on with a new product from The Ordinary and see the effects. Stay tuned.

Sleeping masks have become a staple. There are ample reasons for this.

First of all, due to the heat and humidity, I am unable to wear any day cream. I use nighttime to moisturise. Second of all, I am lazy and sleeping masks are the easier beauty product to slap on and forget about. I quite like that, considering how elaborate my regular routine is. Third of all, nothing beats waking up plump, glowing and fresh-faced. Your mood is set for the day and there is less desire to slap on layers of makeup.

I love the Body Shop Vitamin E, do not care for Kiehl’s and am still on the fence on what Korres have passed on as a sleeping mask. I will check that this is not the reason I have had a terrible breakout last week and will report shortly.

Vitamin E


Like I said, I have stopped makeup during the day, including any blusher and bronzer. The reason being is that we are having one giant heatwave here in Cyprus and wearing anything, bar your own skin, is physically exhausting. Wearing pants is basically a massive obligation and I feel truly like a hero doing it, so applying any form of skin-covering film is a Herculean task.

However, nobody said good eyebrows can take any rest. So I continue making that much effort to pencil them in with one of the many products I own for this. Having toyed with Sephora, NYX, MAC, Benefit, Anastasia Beverly Hills, all I can say is that they are the same. Whatever you can find to match your hair colour, go for it, freely. Budget has absolutely nothing to do with it. I am also a fan of pencils, over pomades and powders, for the sake of simplicity and ease of use. I will whip out a brush and a pot of pomade for an evening but the chances are, the end result will be the same.

The professional help

I have not had a facial in months. This is terrible, yet seems to work. I think the use of Retinol and AHA is what lets me get away with it. However, come September, I plan to rectify this situation ASAP.

In other news, I am back on the eyelash extensions wagon. This is dangerous, as they are addictive. And yes, your own lashes suffer. For this reason, I stocked up on Grande Lash serums to keep my own lashes conditions. I also solemnly swear to go back to mascara, as soon as temperatures drop below 30ºC (read: end of September).

That sums up the changes to my basic skincare and makeup routines for the past 3 months. I hope you read something useful and interesting for yourself. As always, feel free to ask me further details, should you so wish, here in the comments section or on social media. Stay tuned for another post about all the little “extras” I still use, such as masks, treatments and body products. There are some stellar products I have been introduced to and I don’t really want to keep it secret. Sharing is caring!