New Year resolutions gone wrong - The other 'F-word'
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18 Jan New Year resolutions gone wrong

This is a slightly different post on how New Year resolutions go wrong, in a way that it supports those, who have failed on their good intentions time and time again. Don’t get me wrong, I am usually a champion of ”tough love” through and through, but something has just rubbed me the wrong way here. And my heart goes out to all the “Resolutioners” out there, who have tried time and time again to do something better and for whatever reason, did not succeed, yet.

Reading this post, I am exasperated at the lack of compassion in people. It is quite sad how they rush to hate on all those poor souls that did not manage to make their best intentions stick. What is worse is that they even somehow cosmically (or socially, more like it) encourage these failures in advance (playing god with a mean self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will). The way I see this social media hate is in form of actual leering, as they expect these New Year resolutions lapses to occur.

I wish the “Regulars” got off their high horses and showed a bit of understanding to these efforts instead. Healthy lifestyle does not, unfortunately, come easy to everyone and an appropriate reaction from a health propagandist should be “Awesome, every little helps!”. Aren’t healthy people supposed to be happier and thus, by default nicer? Niceness is not solely measured by the number of ‘likes’ on your healthy food #hashtags.

And whatever extra motivation that people scrape up due to it being the start of the year/week is no doubt rooted somehow in the science of anthropology and is thus, but an additional, natural tool we, as humans have at our disposal in making big decisions. And as a product of science, this tool is not for a protein-shake-sipping beefcake to hate on, no matter how many New Year resolutions fails happen between now and the time it eventually sticks.

Everyone is entitled to try and make their living better. It is not a privilege enjoyed by the first adopters only. Have we somehow devolved into a caste system whilst I wasn’t looking, which punishes any efforts to explore the way the “other half” lives?

That was my rant for today, now back to positive thoughts!

P.S. I am myself a devout gym rat and, therefore reserve the right to berate the Resolutioner-haters. However, if we ever start on the annoying little weasels that leave their free weights scattered around the floor, well there I would not be half as forgiving!