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25 Sep Guest Post: How to Fit Exercise into your Routine

Who else is re-booting their fitness goals after a decadent and naughty summer? No? Just me? Well, I am definitely on a mission to try to slim down by Christmas time and am finding innovative ways to get back into the flow of things. Luckily, Luke Douglas is back with a whole list of tips and tricks to help us along the way. If you are finding getting back into gym mode hard, stay tuned for Luke Douglas’ methods that will help you fit exercise in your daily routine.

How to Fit Exercise into your Routine

For those who aren’t born and bred fitness freaks, going to the gym or attending a Zumba class might not be in your blood, or you simply believe you have no time. Yet when you see so many people hit by the health and fitness fever that’s been roaming the globe, you can’t help but wish for a taste of the hype, and perhaps even re-shape your lifestyle to revolve around healthy choices.

Whether you want to lose weight, work on a health problem or you’re simply having commitment issues with your fitness program, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. So, buckle up and get ready to resist many a temptation to enjoy cocoa by the fire during a rainy afternoon, and revel in the happiness-laden life of fitness!

Turn to your passion

When you find something you love, whether that’s dancing, doing yoga or lifting weights, you will be more likely to make time in your busy schedule. If you start out by choosing the most convenient option, you risk getting bored very quickly if you don’t feel the enthusiasm before every workout.

What gets your juices flowing in the realm of fitness, other than hunky models in those posters around your gym? Consider a variety of activities and combine them into a single schedule. You don’t have to do only Pilates or jogging – mix and match to your heart’s content!

Think flexibly

There are so many home-friendly options and video courses you can do by yourself and in the comfort of your own bedroom, that it’s ridiculous to use that as an excuse to stay sloppy with your health. Maybe you cannot make it to the local aerobics class, but you sure as hell can spend 45 minutes three times a week trying out a new HIIT routine.

When there’s no pressure of fitting into someone else’s schedule, you’ll be more eager to join a class and perhaps even try out something completely unfamiliar to you. Leaving your comfort zone for the sake of a flexible schedule can do wonders for reaching your goals!

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Make appointments

While your idea of a training should be flexible, and thinking outside of the box can help you progress to a great extent, the key to staying on track with your goals is actually treating it as something as crucial as a doctor’s appointment. Now, you’d never miss one of those, and you can always make time for that in the middle of the work week, right?

Every month, create a log of your physical activities, whatever they may be. Even walking your dog can count as a warmup or a cooldown instead of hopping on a treadmill after your session, so you can save time. But it boils down to sticking to your pre-made plan and turning it into a genuine commitment.

Build a support system

If you’re not a lone wolf, or you cannot for all that is good and holy force yourself to run at 6am every morning, a fitness buddy will do wonders for you. Talk to your besties, hire a personal trainer, or ask your friend to check in with you in specific moments to make sure you’re not skipping your workout. You can work out a reward-punishment system, so every time you skip a training, you pay up, or you successfully complete one, treat yourself to a smoothie, a massage or a book.

But there are other devilish details that can make a huge difference for your success. For instance, choosing durable fitness clothes such as Ryderwear, a solid fitness tracker to boost your motivation when you see your progress, and a proper diet plan will all keep your spirits up and encourage you to push through the tough days.

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Fitness-up your daily chores

Sure, it’s easier to just take the subway to work, but why not make your day more exciting and improve your health by riding a bike to work, or walking? Grocery shopping can also become a low-intensity exercise with the help of a few sturdy bags – talk about the Farmer’s walk done right!

Use your lunch break to walk and eat, or divide your time to spend at least ten minutes doing core exercises such as the plank and its numerous painful variations that will improve your metabolism and your posture. And your next coffee date with your best friend can be a walking tour in the park.

As you can see, little by little, exercising can easily become your daily habit one healthy choice at a time. It takes a little imagination, some effort and plenty of patience, but there is no busy schedule in this world that should keep you away from your fitness goals!

Luke DouglasLuke is a fitness and health blogger at and a great fan of the gym and a healthy diet. He follows the trends in fitness, gym and healthy life and loves to share his knowledge through useful and informative articles.