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Fake Bake

21 Jun Fake it till you make it (that time I won’t buy something but you should)

No, this post is not what you think but I am glad to see your mind went there…Some things are simply better fake. Tan is one such things and I have tried so many new variations of this magical beauty product these days that I am losing count. Let me tell you of one that I absolutely adore right now. Fake Bake 60 minutes tan is highly recommended to all and any fake tan virgins. Read the Fake Bake 60 minute tan review to find out why.

Fake Bake 60 minutes review

Fake Bake is a hit and miss for me, personally. I have tried the cream formulas a few times and they have always fallen short of my other favourites, such as Xen Tan, St. Tropez, salon spray tan, etc. The whimsical packaging typically meant the product was less than stellar: not dark enough, applying streaky and not lasting long.

However, Fake Bake 60 minutes has changed my mind on the brand with a single product. Mind you, there is room for improvement, so I am not a convert just yet. However, for many reasons I would recommend it to many of you.

Fake Bake 60 minutes tan — what is it?

This is a spray that promises to deliver in 1 hour flat to a nice colour. This is excellent news, as this kills two birds with one stone. First of all, sprays dry ultra fast, so you can leave the house immediately.

The time promise is correct, too, giving you an almost immediate colour that otherwise takes 3-6 hours to develop with other brands. Once again, this means that you can apply, get onto your makeup and hair and by the time you are done and ready to leave the house, your legs are already bronze.

The colour varies, so you can keep the tan for up to 3 hours to get it darker. You are not advised to exceed this time.

The package comes with a mitt, a pump bottle and black latex gloves. This is a nice touch to help you apply safely.

Fake Bake Tools

Fake Bake 60 minutes tan — my thoughts

The colour is lovely, as it does not go on green (hello, St. Tropez) and develops into a nice, non-orange shade (hello, Lancaster). It stays long enough to compare to Xen-Tan and St. Tropez.

The time differential is not what it promises, in my experience.  I got the same results after 1 and 3 hours.

I also did not understand why but the brand warns you not to wear the tan for over 3 hours. I have done so numerous times and absolutely nothing happened that was not to my liking. You can safely sleep in this and shower in the morning, if you so wish.

By the way, sheets were safely unmarked, following this bedtime ritual. Major brownie points!

The spray has a distinct colour so it is very easy to see if you missed a spot or did not blend in. You blend in circular motions, not in sweeping upwards motions, as you would with most other tans. I did not get why this is needed, either.

The package comes with a pump bottle, a dual-coloured pink and white mitt, as well as black gloves. This is excellent, as you have no excuse to colour your palms accidentally.

The texture is liquid and spreads easily, drying fast enough to be convenient, yet slow enough to allow time to blend. This is a major brownie point from me, as foams sometimes dry faster than you can spread them properly.

You can layer, but I saw no difference in intensity of colour. Which brings me to…

Fake Bake

Fake Bake 60 minutes tan — why it is not for me

Personally, I maintain that any home fake tan user that is not superbly experienced, should check this out. It is virtually fool-proof and is a nice build up to the ‘big guns’.

Yet, personally, I want the ‘big guns’. Vita Liberata and Xen-Tan give me a darker shade that lasts that extra day longer.

I did not find this to develop equally dark on my legs and rest of the body. This is a common issue with me and fake tan, for reasons unknown to me. Yet, with the dark lotion of Xen-Tan I managed to even the colour out better.

The tans I mentioned above are simply a better fit for me. However, if you are not a seasoned fake tanner, they may come off to tricky to use (lotions are harder to apply and easier to get wrong).

The intensity of colour may also not be what everyone else craves. Being completely free of the sun, I tend to have zero colour either at the start or end of summer. This is why I want the darkest product out there. Fake Bake 60 minutes tan is simply not that.

This is why I probably will not repurchase Fake Bake 60 minutes tan. Yet, if you decided to maintain a faux glow and are looking for good quality, dark enough but easy to use product, I recommend you check this out. It is sold on Amazon, among other places.

Have you tried Fake Bake 60 minutes tan? Was it your favourite faux glow product?