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UK Beauty Buys

04 Apr Coconuts, fake tans and magic makeup removers: what to buy in London

So I have made a new video after a long break. The break was not due to laziness, I promise. I am working on a very exciting new project, a fashion show/model contest/exhibition that will be unlike anything seen in this town until now, I promise. As it is a sold out show, you understand the predicament I was in putting it together.

Yet, I managed to squeeze in a trip to London and have been playing with new beauty buys all March, so I am here to share my purchases and first impressions with you! There are plenty of interesting new things in the video and a few old favourites. As always, I will tell you where to buy online or in Cyprus, if you are based here.

Makeup Eraser

Turned out to be quite handy at removing all makeup, except waterproof mascara. I won’t review this separately, so here are my pro’s and con’s:

  • removes all face makeup in one go and eyeshadow in one go
  • soft on the face
  • does not need tugging and pulling on skin
  • easy to travel with and store (unless you move around a lot, i.e. road trip)
  • large, so easy to cover your whole face with
  • does not remove heavy mascara layers and liners
  • needs to be soaking wet in use, which can be messy
  • if not black, must be terrifying to look at.

You can buy the black version on Selfridges website (I bought mine in-store). This can also be bought on Amazon.


All Palmer’s products I bought are amazing. The hair packs are very nourishing, similar to what Aussie Miracle Moist products I used to favour back in early 2000’s.  If your hair is fine, like mine, you might only need this on ends and if you bleach it. Thick hair will love this all over.

You can buy the value pack of 6 of Deep Conditioner with Olive Oil and Keratin right here . Similar value pack is available in the more natural, sulfate-, gluten- and mineral oil-free coconut/moinoi oil formula here.

Otherwise, feel free to purchase individually from Amazon and try them out.

Palmer’s Gradual Tan Spray can be bought on Superdrug’s website, as no Amazon seller’s want to deliver to Cyprus. I expect this to show up in Alfa Mega very soon, as they started bringing a fraction of the line. If you watched the video, you will know I loved the spray.

As for the hair spray, I think it will come handy soon. I am testing out some hair extensions that may cause scalp issues and weaken my roots. Perfect opportunity to test this baby out. Sold on Feelunique right here.

Fake Bake

Not yet tested, so separate post coming soon. You can buy it in advance of that online on Feelunique right here. This is the first time I am seeing a spray tan that can’t stay on overnight (limited to 3 hours max), which makes it interesting to test.


An actual miracle product for a one-off, immediate relief. I am relying on this for photoshoots, filming days and an occasional Monday morning.

AGELESS Beauty Eye Lifting Gel

On the subject of miracle instant miracles: the AGELESSBeauty  Eyelifting Gel is everything, despite the grossly misspelled brand and product name (Why no spaces???). Anyway, this product is also good at providing a miracle instant lifting effect. You literally feel the tightening and smoothing instantly and it blocks the crow’s feet for several hours.

Loved it so much, I am buying more online as we speak and giving one to mama, too. Call it early birthday gift! Buy yours on Amazon.

Eco Tools Brush Set

So far, so good. I am loving all the eye brushes, as they are soft and blend well. I have rather large eyes, so these oversized brushes work for my facial structure. Still not a fan of the stippling brush for foundation. It really only works well with super light formulas. But the packaging and sustainable nature of the products compensate for this one flaw for me.

Buy the limited edition, anniversary rose gold set here.

Everything else…

You can check out the stores for other products in the video below. So far, I am not hating any of them but the few selected above really stood out for various reasons and some will get in-depth personal review articles soon.

This is it for British beauty buys and I do hope you find something excellent for you next cosmetics purchases. Spring is here and that means we get to spoil ourselves with new and exciting beauty finds. ‘Tis the season to have long and shiny hair, toned and glowing skin, bronze legs and fresh eyes, after all!