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19 May Does it work? 100% honest Makeup Eraser Review

I never sleep with makeup, never have and never will do. It is not because I am always bothered, well rested, home early or a neat freak. On the contrary, I get in too late, I am always pressed for time and I am exceptionally messy in many areas of life. So how do I fight my every instinct to summer up the strength to clean my face every night for years on end now? I employ the magic of the beauty industry. Luckily, it keeps getting better. Read on to find out if my latest purchase, the Makeup Eraser, is worth the money.

Makeup Eraser 101

Advertised as a beauty tool, the Makeup Eraser is essentially a cloth. I have talked about it in this video before.

Makeup Eraser is a single velour/terry-like cloth that is fairly large in size. It is so large, you can literally put it over your face twice. It obviously contains some form of cleanser in dry form that makes makeup removal easier (including waterproof) and lasts for a long time. You are meant to wash the cloth ‘as needed’, which is not specified any further. The Makeup Eraser is meant to be washed the very first time you buy it, before use.


Makeup Eraser: My Concerns

Cue problem number 1. How can the Makeup Eraser be advertised as ‘all natural’ and having ‘no chemicals’, if it can remove waterproof makeup? That cr&p needs an oily specialised produc on a good day! How can a wet napkin take care of business?

Perhaps, there is some natural substance at play but even so, it would be good to know this for sure. As it is, the product simply claims to have magical properties and that smells like false advertisement to me.

Problem number 2 is the durability/expiry date. To put it simply, there does not seem to be one. The ‘long time’ I mention above is rather subjective, as it is advertised to go for 1,000 uses. If you use it daily, you can do the math easily. If not, then it is subject to how diligent you are with the cloth itself and some built-in expiry term that you are not made aware of. Basically, there is no mention of how long the cloth can be used for, if used only occasionally.

Does the Makeup Eraser have a natural expiry date? Does the magic substance that removes your makeup that lives within go off at some point? Or are you meant to assume that if you wash the cloth ‘as needed’, it will just go on forever?


Makeup Eraser: My Verdict

Despite the warnings above, I like the Makeup Eraser. I like it way more than all the other similar products I have tried before.

It is not my first foray into the world of multi-use beauty cloths, as I have previously tested Filabé and Glov, too. The former was simply too expensive and the distributer in Cyprus made me feel like I am joining a pyramid scheme (‘World Ventures’-style). The latter was nice but is not sold anywhere but Switzerland and I am not planning to go there anytime soon, unless paid. Also, it was a little small and required me to put my hand inside a tiny glove, which made me feel I have paws for hands.

The Makeup Eraser is comfortable to use, because it’s practical. It is easy to pack, store and use, when travelling. It is large enough to take off everything of your face AND neck. I chose a black version, meaning I do not get a heart attack every time I take off ‘the face’. I suggest you do the same…


It really does remove all makeup, including waterproof eyeliner (I do not do waterproof mascara but got stuck with a liner somehow). I did not cheat and use an extra product but I did try to rub extra hard, when dealing with durable makeup.

This is a bad habit I have, which makes my overall impression from such cloths a little less optimistic. They simply provoke me to be a little harsher on my face than I normally am.

It dries quickly and I tend to try to wash it every week, if I use it more than twice in that week. I go by rule of thumb, yet would love to get a confirmation of my practice at some point. I have used it all-in-all about 10 times until now.

I doubt I will keep it for 1,000 uses because when home, I do prefer to slap on a cream or oil-based balm and melt the makeup off. This results in less pulling, rubbing and tugging of skin, which I indulge in with cloths, as I mentioned above.

However, when traveling, I find the Makeup Eraser absolutely irreplaceable. I am definitely taking it with me on all city breaks and other vacations, where packing is minimal.

You can buy it in several places online. Including Amazon and other outlets.