Is the Alginate Mask the new Sheet Mask? - The other 'F-word'
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alginate mask

15 May Is the Alginate Mask the new Sheet Mask?

If you have been following my blogs and YouTube videos, you already know I am fully dedicated to the sheet mask trend. I have been totally sold on the phenomenon that I assume came from Korea or somewhere else in the Far East and was made tremendously popular by social media and beauty bloggers worldwide. I have plastered photos of myself on Instagram, told everyone that will listen that they are a must-have on trips and have single-handedly supported the sheet mask industry in Cyprus by buying them in bulk, wherever I can find them (both for myself and for assorted gifts to the good people I call “friends”). So this spring I was alerted to what appears to be a new trend in the beauty world, the alginate mask. Obviously, I did not wait long to test it out…


First things first. What is an alginate mask? If you Google it, you will find a ridiculous amount of poorly written articles in what appears to be quasi-English. I will translate…

Essentially, it is a powder that is made of certain algae (kelp, usually) and that coagulates, when mixed with water. The component that gives this property is very “vanilla”, actually, and has been used in food for years. And you may have had an alginate mask procedure at your beauty salon, anyway. This is the mask that is usually preceded by the disturbing question: “Do you have claustrophobia?” At the salon, they will spread the mask onto your entire face, including eyes and mouth and make holes for your nostrils, to make sure you don’t suffocate, you know.

So, what’s new? The new element is that you do not have to go to a salon to use this mask and they have become available for home use.

ALGINATE MASK BY GMT Beauty Natura Concept

IMG_2803I bought one from the Health and Beauty Expo in March and it is by a Latvian company, GMT Beauty Natura Concept. I do have the contact details of the local distributor, so will share them with you later, as I have no known stockists to report.

You only need about a tablespoon of powder to make enough paste to spread onto your whole face and most of your neck. I dilute it, based on nothing more than my visual approximation. Start by adding one tablespoon of tap water (mine is heavily filtered, so if yours isn’t, use bottled) and just keep adding, until the paste looks manageable. I use the same spoon to spread the paste onto my skin (I hate touching products with hands to the extend possible), trying to keep an even layer, so that drying is uniform. The mask takes all of 10 minutes to dry but you are supposed to keep it on for 15. Sometimes I forget and walk around the house with it for way over 20 minutes. No big deal.

Despite what all the quasi-English articles tell you, the mask will NOT come off in one piece (or “peace”, as one blog post put it). You will have to remove multiple shreds of the mask and, in some places, use water to dissolve it a tad, because it simply won’t budge. It clings to facial hair, so avoid your hairline and eyebrows, when applying.


Once the mask is off, you will see what all the fuss is about. The primary reason for alginate masks is that they leave an immediate lifting effect. I do not know how far you can improve your skin elasticity permanently with this, however, the minute you take the mask off, the skin is just much more elastic. It lifts the jowls, any flabby chin, irons out the nasolabial fold (the lines that run from the corners of your mouth to your nose) and makes the surface of your skin way smoother to the touch.

In addition, I can attest to the fact that the mask gets rid of any redness, blotchiness and unifies an uneven skin tone. Sometimes I tend to go red in places, for no obvious reason. This mask calms my skin, as well as smooths and lifts.

Again, I do not know that the mask will somehow improve your skin overtime, so I am not relying on it to do so. I still employ a regimen of Retinols, Vit C serums and other products to keep me youthful in the long run. However, I will be buying this particular product again.

I have been adding my SBC collection gels into the mix, as well.  They do not affect the process and the mask applies, dries and is removed the exact same way. However, seeing as I have an extra beauty product that is sold to salons anyway, I tend to “boost” my GMT Beauty mask with it.


Alginate mask: where to buy

As mentioned before, I will be buying this again. I do not have a single idea of where they physically sell this. However, there is an email and phone number of the local distributor. If in the market for the fancy alginate mask, please contact Iveta at Avilik Ltd on +35799126991 and . Once I run out of my Rejuventating Mask, I will be placing an order myself.

What about you? Are you a fan of DIY facial procedures or do you rely on professional salons exclusively? I would love to hear