About Me - The other 'F-word'
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I am a finance professional working and living on a tiny island in the Mediterranean. First generation immigrant and a restless ‘citizen of the world’ at heart, I am the proud owner of a totally deaf cat and a slew of bad habits (hint: one of them served as partial inspiration for the name of this blog). Now some of those are welcome to take a hike now that I am older and wiser, but the absence of others that I consider fundamental to my individuality and have lovingly cultivated over the years would leave me feeling bereft.

Known to my friends and family as a certified ‘know-it-all’ and a trooper, I am also a vortex of contradictions (on a good day) which tends to daze and confuse those around me and myself. The latter is rather unsettling to one so intent on clinging to her teenage maximalism and conviction of self-righteousness that often comes with it, waaaay into her late 20’s.

This blog is an opportunity for me to do any number of things, from voicing my many, many, many opinions on various subjects in life (read: vent, so that my friends and family do not have to endure it) to serving as a depository of all the things that make me happy for future reference on a rainy day, i.e. when a glass of Chianti just won’t do it. You can reach me @bella.sovmiz@the-other-f-word.com