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7 Tips How To Look Amazing at the Gym

10 Jul 7 Tips How to Look Amazing at the Gym

Yes, yes, I can hear you groan “people that look good working out are SO annoying”…blah, blah, blah. I live by the rule that your physical appearance ALWAYS affects your inner abilities because of the obvious confidence boost you get, when you know you look damn good. I do not condone makeup at the gym and can’t imagine working out with my hair down, yet nobody can deny that wearing a matching leggings-crop top combo is magnitude of times more satisfying than a ratty old t-shirt. And going to the gym is all about satisfaction, both instant and in the long-term. So with that out of the way, I present to you, Luke Douglas, our resident contributor that is sharing secrets on how to look amazing at the gym, while you work on looking amazing outside of it (Psst, number 2 is my personal favourite).

7 Tips How to Look Amazing at the Gym

Sometimes, proper gym clothes are the key to getting yourself motivated and doing a proper workout. You know, that saying “If you look good, you will feel good” actually works! Wearing proper workout clothing will not only make your workout more efficient and pleasant, but it will also do you well on an emotional level. Here are 7 tips on how to both look and feel fabulous in the gym that will help you enter the beast mode and crush your workout sessions.

Don’t try to hide your curves

When it comes to workout clothing, you have all the freedom in the world to choose how tight or loose you want it to be, so make the best of it. If you’re a curvy woman, opt for a well-fitting top and a nice pair of curve-hugging yoga pants. They will not only make you look stylish, but also accentuate what your mama gave you. If you’re naturally slender, you can choose an outfit that has a bare midriff to show off your toned core. But, by all means, avoid one-color outfits. Those always give off a pajamas-vibe and will make you look “saggy”. The safest combo you can choose is one colored and one neutral garment. Black or grey yoga pants and a brightly-colored top will create a nice contrast, highlighting your assets.

Be comfortable

Comfort is king at the gym. Always try to pick fabrics that allow you to move, bend, lift and most of all sweat comfortably. Forget about denim, vinyl and other stuffy materials and opt for breathable cotton, bamboo and moisture-wicking fabrics. Moisture-wicking clothes are specially designed for intense workouts. These fabrics don’t trap moisture, but transfer it to the surface where it can quickly evaporate. They are also great if you like to work out outdoors because they will not make you feel cold or wet. So, if you wear the right clothes you will certainly reach all your fitness goals.


Have the right support

If you’re a frequent gym-goer definitely invest in a good sports bra. Properly-fitted sports bras will provide you with the right breast support and will prevent excessive bouncing. They are perfect for heavy workouts, jogging and jump rope exercises. The important thing is to get a bra that fits properly. If it’s too tight or loose it will make you feel uncomfortable and will not provide you with the right support. Some sports bras are also made of moisture-wicking materials and can be super handy if you sweat a lot. Also, there are even some that have little pockets where you can store your small belongings.

Pick the right shoes

Proper support is the most important aspect of gym shoes, but if you want your shoes to be more than just comfortable and stable, you might want to opt for a sleek black pair. If you pair them with black leggings it will make your legs seem longer and thinner. Colorful and white gym shoes are quite popular today, but they can make your legs seem stocky.

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Pick the perfect pants

When it comes to pants, your safest bet is to go for tight leggings. They come in all shapes, sizes, lengths and colors so there is certainly a pair that will fit you properly. What you want to achieve with pants is to highlight the thinnest part of your legs – usually between the knee and your calf. If you’re a bit on the taller side, opt for an above-the-knee crop to balance your proportions. Any well-equipped fitness wear shop has a variety of leggings, so find your cut and the color you like and crush those squats.

Get a good bag

Replace your old gym bag with a chic duffel bag that can fit all of your gym essentials. Make sure it can fit your shoes, fresh clothes, accessories and some protein shakes. If you leave a stylish bag packed at the door, you will not be able to resist going to the gym.

Makeup or no makeup?

If you feel naked without your makeup, go for smear-proof mascara and a light lip stain. This way you will look fresh, but not over-the-top. It’s best if you avoid heavy makeup, at least until you get home.

You don’t have to spend hours in front of a mirror to look chic for the gym. Simply follow some of these tips and soon you’ll not be able to wait for your next workout.

Luke DouglasLuke is a fitness and health blogger at Ripped.me and a great fan of the gym and a healthy diet. He follows the trends in fitness, gym and healthy life and loves to share his knowledge through useful and informative articles.