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summer accessories

26 Jul 2017 Summer Accessories you MUST Have

Summer is still going strong in most parts around Europe, at least. That means we can continue flashing some flesh and exploring SS2017 trends. For those of us that are planning vacation (or are currently on one) that is also a great excuse to do the one thing I always manage to do on a holiday — shop. Somehow Zara and Mango abroad always have things you simply can’t find back home, am I right? And even if they are the same, shopping on holiday just feels better. So stay tuned for the guest post by the wonderful Roxana Oliver and I dare you to try to stop yourself from shopping (online counts, too). Psst…If you follow my Instagram, you will know that I am very into point 5.

2017 Summer Accessories you MUST Have

Summer is already in full swing, ladies, and no matter whether you prefer the street style buzz or the catwalk-inspired trends, there’s something for every appetite that can serve to update your sizzling accessories. Much like garments seen on anyone from Bella Hadid to Insta stardom queens such as Aimee Song, don’t be surprised to see many of their preferred add-on pieces on every street corner of the globe.

We’ve compiled a short but sweet list of the must-haves for this season that you’re bound to fall in love with in a matter of moments, so get your stylebook ready and start the accessory hunt!

1. The fanny…nay, the waist bag!

Untitled design (3)

Not what you expected? Well, they are snazzy, useful, sleek and versatile, so it’s no wonder their reputation has been officially restored as one of the coolest wearables of the season. Forget about those unembellished, plastic-looking bags you’ve seen in the 90’s, the modern waist or belt bag has been rebranded to follow its new look and purpose.

The glittery Channel for a vintage dress, or the sporty Balenciaga to go with your hoodie, these bags have style, and they have flair. They come in so many shapes, sizes and colors that they truly deserve a spot in your wardrobe, and you’ll have a hard time finding the one that feels perfect – simply because so many will be “you”!

2. Retro shades

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Nerdy, yet sexy, the oversized aviators with a modern twist, the light, translucent specs are the new favorite eyewear trend. How can you wear them, you ask? Any way you like! Their beauty is in their simplicity, which is a rare beloved beast to be found among the fashionistas of the world.

If you have a tweed jacket, all the better, you can add a modern-retro vibe with these shades, or your vivid leather jacket steps in to save the day. Your options are practically endless – and for a good reason. These specs are perfect to satisfy your inner geek and still protect your rap.

3. Macho watches

Untitled design (5)

Or, to be more specific, yet another stylish piece stolen from your boyfriend’s closet. We’ve started our season with baggy ripped jeans, oversized puffers and bombers, not to mention the classic clean tee, and watches are the next small big thing we’ve found a use for in our style-quest.

Still, you can grab one from his collection for the evening, but make sure you have your own for every other occasion. For instance, my favorite watch shop in Australia carries the timeless (pardon the pun) classics such as Skagen. You should go for the men’s option; compared to your usual time-tellers, these should be precisely as their wearers – mighty masculine and chunky, with a fine metallic finish if you’re into silver or gold, but even the pure black ones scream “power”!

4. Up with the brogues

summer accessories

In all fairness, platforms will be everywhere – from your basic heels and summer sandals to your ankle boots, they have not only dominated the runways, but will also steal the thunder in the streets. But brogues are a story for themselves, with their hefty, dramatic appeal, it’s no wonder so many wear them in every possible color spectrum.

Blend this year’s craze for the glitter of gold and silver, and you’ll have a winner footwear look. Mix and match them with pants of all patterns, lengths and styles for the best effect, and consider showing off some skin to relieve their otherwise dominant chunkiness.

5. Statement earrings

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It appears that everything is statement this sultry summer, from your chunky brogues and the roomy bags, all the way to my absolute favorite piece of jewelry – earrings! Wear them loud, and wear them proud, because they will be the one thing that won’t affect your level of comfort even when you strip all the way down to your swimsuit, and they’ll carry your persona wherever you go.

They are the jackpot of the season, and it seems that they cannot get too large or too vibrant in terms of colors, so go nuts the next time you pick a pair. And more importantly, don’t shy away from mismatching those turquoise hues with pearly whites and hot pinks, or the blood-red with the neon green.

roxana oliverRoxana Oliver is a blogger and traveler from Sydney, Australia. She has a penchant for health and beauty and is a regular contributor for various blogs. She has previously contributed to a wide variety of online publications on topics ranging from wedding themes to ‘workout nutrition: do’s and don’ts’.