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19 Jul Express yourself through dancing and become happy now

Summer is in full swing here in the Med. In Cyprus, summer is the time of the year we go into party overdrive. Beach parties, pool parties, music festivals, live concerts are all on the schedule for the hot and humid months of the holiday season.

For those of us that love music, life can’t get any better. And as you may already know, I love music the most.

But the thing I love second to music is dancing. Any dancing, including Zumba, my latest obsession, will do. I have been prone to dancing around my living room, too.

Ballroom dancing, grinding at a club, beach party limbo, Lambada, Zouk…I love dancing myself and love watching others do it. The reasons is that I have never seen adults let go of all their worries with such abandon, while sober. And for those that hate exercise, dancing is an excellent opportunity to get some cardio in, without even thinking it.

There are plenty of reason to love dancing. Today, Roxana Oliver, our regular contributor shares her views on how to express yourself through dancing. If this does not make you want to dance, there is always the catchiest tune of the summer. Sorry…


Express Yourself Through Dancing

Do you dance? We’re guessing your answer is positive since, by dancing, we do not only mean dancing professionally or necessarily in front of other people. Everything counts. Dancing in the shower or while cleaning the house and cooking also counts. Regardless of whether or not you actually know how to dance, dancing has proven to be an amazing stress reliever. Not only does this activity represent physical movement, but it’s also very enjoyable, unlike many sports or other forms of exercise. People have been dancing throughout history and will continue to do so. They dance for various reasons, but the effects are always the same – relief and happiness joined with a feeling of freedom.

Expressing emotions

Many people find it hard to express their emotions verbally. They don’t tend to talk about their feelings, but rather stay distant and closed up. This doesn’t mean they lack emotion, only that they find it hard to express them. This is where dancing helps, since it is a way to express your feelings without having to talk about them. That is why dancing is so therapeutic – it allows us to get rid of negative feelings and distress through movement. 

how to express yourself through dancing

Ways of learning

People learn best in various ways. It’s always good if one can combine visual, audial and physical methods of learning as it is believed that it  is much more effective. Only by practicing these different methods of learning, we develop our brains and our memory. Don’t try to undermine the complexity of dancing. Dancers are required to learn long and complicated choreographies and react to music during the process. It requires a serious mental and physical engagement.

Anyone can do it


Dancing is something every person can and should do. We’re not talking about dancing professionally, but there is a variety of choices for beginner dance classes for adults all around. There’s no shame in taking these and the atmosphere is always friendly and non-judgmental as everyone in the room will be nice and kind regardless of their dancing skills (which probably won’t be very high). In addition to having fun and doing something good for your body and mind, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet new people and hang out.

Dare to dance at parties

Regardless of whether or not you’re attending dance lessons, don’t sit down during parties while others are dancing just because you feel shy and unconfident. Stand up, join a group of people and start dancing with them. Nobody will judge you. Anyway, the odds that you’re the worst dancer at a party are quite small. Even if you are, as long as you have a smile on your face and are happy to dance, people will respond positively to your energy.

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Don’t stress about doing the right steps when dancing, especially at home. The important thing is that you relax and enjoy yourself regardless of what your dancing may look like. For instance, after a long day at work when you feel exhausted and up for nothing, try playing a song that has a good rhythm and just start moving randomly to the beat. You may feel strange and uncomfortable at first, but half a minute later, you’ll be dancing like never before. Making this a habit will definitely result in stress reduction and better way of coping with problems and bad mood.

Our mental health is very important and we often tend to neglect it. Dancing is a cure for many things including our mind. Not only does it affect our health, but we also have a lot of fun during the process.

roxana oliverRoxana Oliver is a blogger and traveler from Sydney, Australia. She has a penchant for health and beauty and is a regular contributor for various blogs. She has previously contributed to a wide variety of online publications on topics ranging from wedding themes to ‘workout nutrition: do’s and don’ts’.