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16 Feb 10 things that made me happy

Another Monday, another list of 10 things that made me happy! I am really starting to get into the groove of this weekly post, and I think it works wonders in turning around my overall thinking on the work week. And given that it was one of the methods I mentioned in my earlier motivational post, it makes perfect sense.

1. Go the distance

I am an avid gym-goer, but ironically have always been a total slacker in the cardio department. I could never watch movies or TV series whilst running for the fear of causing an incident involving projectile vomiting and good music just doesn’t get released often enough to alleviate my boredom with my playlist either. So when I did start pondering the idea of running a marathon, it was with some major reservations. Well it seems I had worried for nothing as this week I managed to hit the treadmill three times, working my way up to 10 km, the last two times at that. Big whoop for me.10 things that made me happy this week

2. Catching some spring weather

The weather has been on and off for a few weeks now and though we have had some torrential rains, I managed to catch a good and clear morning for a nice walk along the beach. Nothing is more relaxing and feels less like an exertion than grabbing an iced coffee and taking a stroll with a friend. I could not help but take a picture of the clear sky and azure sea, as well. Given my usual attitude to sunshine and heat, this may certainly feel out of character for most, but I guess I just like any form of spring, including one that qualifies as ‘high summer’ for many people living in Europe.Molos-walk-2 10 things that made me happy this week

3. Pampering

I have a ‘love/hate’ relationship with most beauty procedures out there. ‘Love’ is for the obvious benefits they bring into your appearance and well being (I tend to avoid ‘fads’). ‘Hate’ is for the sheer number of them needed for a fairly low maintenance girl, as well as the vast amount of hours in one’s life spent keeping up with it all. But manicure is excluded from this negative taint. I guess it carries a nostalgic value for me, as it was my first ‘grown up’ bonding experience with my mom, seeing as I started my nail maintenance routine at her behest and in her company and this continued right until I left for school. So this weekend, on the occasion of Valentines (and because I love glitter), I got treated to these ‘girly’ tips and have been happily sporting this little bit of spring ever since.10 things that made me happy this week

4. Getting low

I have had some trouble accessing my lower range of voice in singing class. I suspect this has to do with the fact that I have spent most of my life generally speaking in a rather shrill tone and old habits die hard. Nevertheless, my signing teacher is adamant that I have a strong lower range and insists on inventing various way to try to coax it out of me. Well this week, after a lot of awkward looking tries (I do not quite understand the mechanics of it, but apparently this is the only time in your life, when forcing a ‘double chin’ is a good thing), I managed to get some throaty and husky lines out.

5. Reading list

I love to read. I will literally read absolutely anything in print. I literally sit in public transport craning my neck at all advertisement boards, trying to read their utterly useless contents. I would refer to myself as a veritable ‘black hole’ of reading materials. This generally means that if in dire need, I will not be too picky and I will power through a rubbish book only to actively try to banish all memories of it out of my mind, instantly. I guess my relationship with books is similar to my feelings on leaving food in your plate (tsk, tsk, tsk!). Naturally, when I come across a book I love, it literally makes my day and I insist on spreading the joy. Last time this happened, it was ‘Gone Girl’ and I badgered everyone around for weeks/months to get on board. This week, I took a different route and got myself ‘Nice is just a place in France’ by the Betches. I am only about 1/10th of the book in but last time I actually laughed out loud whilst reading was absolute ages ago, so this is likely to result in another one of those crusades on the unsuspecting friends and family, if it continues to be this good.

6. Romance in the air

I am a very #basicbitch, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, meaning I want to be wined and dined and get red roses and girly presents. But truth is, I happen to have someone in my life, who knows me well and satisfies these cravings on regular days, too. It would stand to question how could he make Valentines Day ‘special’, if he is managing to re-create parts of it regularly through the year. And yet he did, because on Saturday, I got two sets of flowers, not one. It is simple, yet elegant, and stands out. And despite what your mother may try to teach you, it does not require ‘training’, or positive reinforcement (if you prefer a more scientific term). And it is not special because that is what is supposed to happen on Valentine’s Day (by all means, we are all unique and have our own ways in which we wish to be shown appreciation) but because someone next to you knows what you like and makes an effort to make it happen.10 things that made me happy this week

7. Packing my bags

Not literally quite there yet, but this week we finalized our short trip to Poland, by booking our Krakow hotel and car (we have previously reserved the Warsaw accommodation). The weather forecast is less than encouraging but both the hotels we have booked have the perfect location for exploring the cities. Also, who can complain about some cold, when you live in perpetual summer (well, at least 8 months of the year). Can’t wait to grab my passport and head for the airport.

8. Retail therapy

As I wrote before, I have gone on a bit of a shopping spree and all my purchases arrived last week, so basically, Christmas came early! Granted I have yet to try any of the new skincare treats and we have not yet had sandals weather, but nevertheless, the new items did make me smile this week. P.S. I am on a serious PVC/leather shoe streak lately.Shopping-haul-webster

9. Oldies but goodies

I have uncovered an old pair of leather pants, which I love, that have been gathering dust at the back of my closet. Don’t you just love it when that happens? The only equivalent feeling is the pleasure of discovering cash in one of your pockets, although come to think about it, I would take hard cash over pants any day. But I digress… So I proceeded to make the most out of the said pantalones, wearing them in all sorts of ways but my favorite combo to-date involves my favorite Beyoncé-inspired t-shirt I picked up in San Francisco.Red-leather-look-3 Red-leather-look-2 Red-leather-look-1

10. Friends with benefits

So the title of this is a tad deceiving, but what I am happy about it is the fact that meeting new people and investing into new relationship pays off on so many levels. On one hand, it is refreshing to get others’ perspective on life and perhaps adopt some of their unique outlook. On another, benefits can be much more trivial. This week we got invited to visit a pretty special place, courtesy of our friends, who originate from there. It is a not a place you would regularly plan to visit, like London or Italy, for instance, yet it is certainly a ‘must do’ for any history buff. This was a nice icing on the cake, as a potential travel plan, which materialized on Sunday.

So this is it for the ’10 things that made me happy’ this week!

  • Lovely post – such a great idea to write a happy list at the start of the week, I might just start doing the same. Those shoes are gorgeous by the way! Really enjoyed reading – Lou

    • Thanks, Lou. It really helps to keep the momentum going on all the positive things in life that can kind of “slip through cracks” otherwise. This way you can get to recreate that happy feeling again a few days after.

  • i am struggling to find a new book so i must try that one out!

    • Give it a go. It’s a lovely and easy entertaining read. Let me know how you feel about it after!

      • aurora lawton

        what read?

        • Oh I was talking about “fifty shades of grey”

          • aurora lawton

            oh! that infamous book…

          • Have you read it, Aurora? Or were you one of the few that didn’t fall for the hype and stated away?

          • aurora lawton

            yeah!!! i was immune to it…

          • You are a tough cookie aren’t you?:) what about Twilight? Come on, ‘fess up:)

          • aurora lawton

            ah!!!!! lolz….well!well!well! twilight? now…. where have i heard that before??? oh! yeah..i think i av seen it before:) hm mm…. it must have been under my pillow….(after having a

          • I am relieved to know you are not a robot afterall !

          • aurora lawton

            *** laughing so much belly aches***..ahahahahahahaha robot? ah! far from it… c’mon blood runs through my vein….* winks*

          • I seriously did not think there is a person in the universe left that has not read the Fifty shades/watched the movie. Even saw a Criminal Minds episode a few days back, basically based on that premise! You gotta admit, I had legit grounds to be worried for a while 🙂

          • aurora lawton

            Robot? i am far from it:)

          • Nah, I was kidding 🙂 to excuse my own totally fan girl behaviour mainly !

          • aurora lawton


          • Did you enjoy this week’s ’10 things…’ post?

          • Seriously though, I am terrible. Such a sucker for all the hype! Loved Twilight, am obsessed with Hunger Games and did love fifty shades, too. Hopeless case 🙂

          • aurora lawton

            hmm… hopeless not homeless….gee…lolz

          • lol no, not homeless, yet. But if I keep buying as much makeup as I do, I may yet end up one!

          • aurora lawton

            delicious night with it…

  • aurora lawton

    hmmm…cute…!!!!!*can’t just wipe off that silly smile off my face*

  • Thanks for reading Aurora:)