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11 May 10 things that made me happy

Well the past week was a hectic and a manic one, I must say. Lots of ups and downs happened and with such a roller coaster, I tend to gravitate towards remembering the negative moments more. I guess my roots take hold of me in ways I can’t control yet. However, in my never ending quest to make Mondays lovable (you can read all about that here), I am up and running with another installment of ’10 things that made me happy’.

1. Family ties

I have posted an emphatic Instagram post earlier this weekend and have shared my insights into siblings love in the post last week, but it has been a great joy to my heart to have my brother around. Though in his quest to squeeze in as much partying as he can, which is oh-so-expected of a 20-year-old, he barely makes the time to squeeze in family get together’s in his busy social calendar, we have managed a few. It was rewarding to hear him tell his plans, hopes and rehash his escapades in a face-to-face session.

Also, his visits typically result in all sorts of indulgences, so here is to a delightfully greasy dinner, courtesy of TGI Friday’s!PickThreeforAll5 copy

2. Love is…

Coming home from a hectic day at the office and finding this, waiting for you. No further words necessary.IMG_7256[1]

3. Celebrating mama

So this Sunday was Mother’s Day somewhere ( I am loosing count of all the different customs, to be fair, but each day I breathe is Mama’s Day, as far as I am concerned).

Like that was not enough, we had another reason to celebrate the most important woman in my life, as my mom had a birthday. It was a brilliant occasion to bring us together, as a family unit, and revel in great wine, fabulous food and her radiant smile.IMG_7292[1] mamabday

This can double up as another #OOTD post

This can double up as another #OOTD post


4. Epicurean delights

In the spirit of talking about good food, almost nothing has the instant gratification effect that this cake has on me. Accordingly, this has become our family’s go-to birthday cake, as we want to create every opportunity in the world to indulge in its’ pistachio-rich, spongy meringue base and the very many fruits and berries, decorating this ultimate dessert.IMG_7214[1]

5. I hate alarm clocks

But my delightful cat has found a new and adorable way to bring me back to life each and every morning this week. I have been waking up to his adorable shape perched on my chest, tickling my face with his whiskers, pretty much everyday this week. Firstly, it is a nice change from the usual acrobatics he performs at the most ungodly hours, ensuring maximum noise to wake up the entire house. Secondly, he is simply adorable, when he wants to be and he obviously chose a good week to be my little ray of sunshine.

P.S. Check out his adorable photobomb of my #OOTD picture below.

6. Learning curve

I am enjoying my New Scientists ‘Question everything’ immensely. I must say, for a book that short, I am taking my time but I just can’t help reading and re-reading some of the questions and answers within, making a conscious effort to understand every little piece of anthropology, physics or biology described. I can’t tell you that I grasp all of it, as sciences were not of particular interest to me in high school and my job had little to nothing to do with them. However, the challenge is refreshing, plus, I am somewhat of an informational sponge and flourish on information sources like this.

Did you know birds are able to switch off half of their brains and one eye, whilst in flight and thus get some rest, while still exerting their bodies?

7. Avengers: Age of Ultron

I am a fan of Sci-Fi. I would not call myself a huge nerd, simply because my dedication is simply unmatched to that of die-hard fans (and also does not actually spread to comic books), but seeing a big budget Sci-Fi movie may be the sole reason for me to even make it out to a cinema. Needless to say, watching the latest installment in the Avengers movie arc was a delightful occasion.

And I do not need to specify that seeing mighty Thor thrash around in a pool of water, shirtless, obviously, did not hurt. AT ALL.

8. Prepping for spring

When in doubt, or emotional turmoil, get a fabulous manicure. I have followed my own advice and turned my frown upside down in an hour, flat.


I have been enjoying almond-shaped nails for sometime now and have to say, they do make for an overall much more delicate look of the hand. I am quite stumped as to why we have been sporting exclusively square shaped in the past few years, since oval is a lot more demure and elongates your fingers.

I also love the new candy-colored shades from O.P.I. and can’t get enough of the contrasting ring-finger trend, it seems.


9. Hobbies overload

Last Monday was a great ‘me’ day, as I managed to hit up both classes that make my week lately, boxing and singing. At boxing, I have progressed to being entrusted to hit a punching bag, rather than shadowing, so that was cool. And very therapeutic, I must say. And singing class delighted me with some more microphone work. Though I am still very clumsy around it, I do feel a lot more experienced, when faced with the mic. There is much work to be done on both fronts, of course, yet, progress is evident.

10. Celebrating love

This week we have a mini-versary in the household. I will not divulge all the soppy details, but let’s just say that being with someone who ‘gets’ just how much you like making a festivity out of every special occasion is priceless. Nothing lifts your spirits more than having company in making a huge deal out of every happy moment of your life.

And that wraps this week’s ’10 things that made me happy’ and this week is already looking like a cheerier one, dare I say?

P.S. Here is an #OOTD, which signifies summer for me. When maxi dresses and sandals come out, it is time to pack up your jeans and leggings for good.

ootd2 ootd1

  • nawaz hussain

    New info given about relaxing minds of birds.
    Yup siblings are a blessing.
    Yeah I also like round nails of women, and your nails are looking beautiful.
    Your summer dressing is very nice, but I couldn’t focus it much as your face is looking more beautiful and more attractive. hahaha
    So you have a loving husband, greattttt.
    Oh friend, I have same case w.r.t science. I love sci-fi movies and I try to reason everything. Even my engineer brothers are silent sometimes on my scientific questions. I have more interest in physics

    • Thanks so much for the feedback.
      What is of particular interest for you in Sci-Fi? Movies/books?

      • nawaz hussain

        You are welcome 🙂
        Definitely, the different aspects which humans can perceive. Like thinking of new worlds, thinking of new creatures, thinking of other communities in this universe, how powerful a human can be. Mainly liking of science persuades me to watch sci-fi movies and learn reason of every new concept.
        You have craze to study more, why not some science class 😉

        • Studying something scientific might be my next project:) for now I have been studying things to make a better living but as I get older I want to do more things that enrich other aspects of my life, too

          • nawaz hussain

            Project? Means plan??
            Oh yes, ambitions lead to execution.

            I am going to tell your boss that this girl is in plan to quit soon. hahaha

          • Lol you are dangerous!

          • nawaz hussain

            Haha you are scared??

          • Not even a little 🙂 when one door closes, another opens 🙂

          • nawaz hussain

            Oh yes, you rocked.
            I surrender