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23 Mar 10 things that made me happy

Another Monday, another list of ’10 things that made me happy’ to keep us happy and ready to take on yet another work week.

1. Face your fears, platinum edition

This is an odd start of a ‘happy list’, but bear with me when I tell you the story of how I bit the bullet and had my wisdom teeth removed this week.

I consider dentists to be the universe’s way to punish me, personally, for all and any past, current and future sins that I have, or will ever have, committed. When I say I fear them, it is literally the same paralyzing terror that people feel facing snakes or other potentially dangerous creatures. In fact, every time I utter ‘I am afraid of dentist’ and someone pipes in with: ‘Everyone does!’, I feel an urgent need to inflict physical violence on said someone. It is all very, very intense.

But this week I have come around to the idea of voluntarily getting into the chair of death and have powered through! The thing that made me elated is that:

a. I survived (but my mom DID have to come with me and hold on to me, judge me at your own peril)

b. It really did not hurt as much as I thought (during the process, mind you, as what came later was a different story).

Had I been allowed to, I would have toasted myself with a chilled champagne on the finalization of this drama.

Also, hubby brought flowers home to speed up my recovery, which Vegas the Cat has promptly proceeded to demolish. I. Can’t. Even.Support-network

2. Blogging milestones

Last week, I have connected with the wonderful Marie of Make Me Up Marie (check her out here and see why it is strictly ‘MarIE‘, not ‘Mary‘). I am forever thankful to her, as she gave me an opportunity to engage in my first ever ‘guest post swap’.

Firstly, it gave me a taste of that famed ‘family’ vibe between fellow bloggers that I was initially very sceptical about. I generally notice that women are almost ‘trained’ to compete with one another and lack the ‘brotherhood’ spirit that seems almost natural to men. Anything to prove me wrong is always met with enthusiasm.

Additionally, as I am very new to blogging still, I am reeeeallly excited with things that probably come quite naturally to the more ‘seasoned’ guys and girls. I had so much to consider, as this post would definitely reach a wider audience, and I was accountable for its quality to someone other than myself. But I managed and must say enjoyed it thoroughly.

3. Paying your dues professionally

We all seek validation at some point and though I loathe the idea most times, I am not immune to this urge. I dislike seeking validation, not on principle, but because very often it is a sign that we are not content with ourselves and need someone else to confirm that we are ‘good’, ‘successful’, ‘smart’, ‘good looking’, etc. As a firm believer in the mantra of ‘self reliance’,  I find that this rubs me the wrong way at times.

This week I got the professional gratification in form of acknowledgement of the efforts I have been putting in for the past year. I have spent the better part of the last 365 days trying to expand my role in the company over and above that of my job description to add value in areas that I knew I had the capability to. Partially, it was due to professional pride, as I did want to ‘flex my muscle’, so to speak but I am sure that at least in part it was in search of some form of validation from my superiors.

The pessimist/realist in me would say that this was a recipe for disaster, as it could have gone by unappreciated in any visible manner, and a few months ago I felt like that was actually happening. Luckily for me the tide has turned last week and my efforts and contributions were acknowledged. And I am thankful for that validation.

4. Support network

Support-network-2This week I have had further proof of

a. how important it is to have someone ‘watch your back’ and

b. just how many loving and caring people are around me to have this covered.

Starting with the aforementioned dentist drama ending with some major decisions that may affect my professional standing for a few years ahead, all my concerns and doubts were met with adequate attention, subtle advice and endless patience by friends, family and acquaintances.

It can feel lonely sometimes, being an adult, as everyone around you has their own lives to sort out and can’t fit around your schedule more often than not. This is expected and natural, yet life moves at its own pace and sometimes you will need them, when they are not there.

It is all the more rewarding, when the above does not stand true and people around you dedicate the time (and endless patience) to support you through thick and thing, as well as your most daring endeavors.

5. Fashion treats

I managed to squeeze in some shopping this week and have officially bought my first summer clothing item. I love this dress, as it is combines a few things I look for in a summer outfit. The maxi length is simply amazing in the hot and humid summer nights (nothing is more gross than being stuck to your seat when humidity tiptoes around the 100% mark, for one. I also love the monochrome combination, which makes it easy to combine it with the colorful summer bags, shoes and accessories. In winter I typically need accessories to make a mostly dark-colored outfit ‘pop’. In summer though, it can be difficult to color-coordinate because your wardrobe is already quite colorful. This dress then should resolve it. Lastly, it subtly touches upon one of my favorite trends in fashion, the lingerie detailing.Dress-DKNY

6. Sweat it out

I only have a few weeks before my marathon run. I am not doing a marathon by any means yet, but this is a first move towards that goal. I am pretty psyched and have been regularly pushing my cardio limits. This week I covered my 10 km run like it’s nobody’s business, which is a massive milestone. Though I am an avid gym lover, you could not pay me enough to spend even 20 minutes on a treadmill, let alone make me run outside. All this outdoors running on natural surface did not come easy, but I persevered and am this much closer to a full on goal of completing a marathon.

7. Mom’s the word

It was mother’s day somewhere this weekend, and though it is not a holiday where I live, or where I am from, I made a point to make a lunchtime date with my favorite person in the world. I am guilty of sometimes not trying hard enough to meet up or call right back. There is absolutely no excuse for it and I am always greatly relieved, when I rectify this issue. It is not a guilt trip either, it is just that I have come to be 100% convinced that nobody out there has ever and will ever hold my interests above their own, except the wonderful human being that has helped you become a person. And with that comes the absolute ease and inner peace that settles in my heart every time I spend some time with Ma.10 things that made me happy

8. Pampering

Nothing beats a good full body massage for total relaxation. I got to upgrade my scheduled back massage to an unscheduled full body session, in a strange and last minute turn of events. Working out and dancing really leaves me feeling battered by the weekend, so the relief this 1,5 gave me was tangible. I plan to make time for one of these on a regular basis, for the sake of my hamstrings, if nothing else.

9. Java addiction

I am a coffee addict. There, I admit it. I will not disclose the precise number of coffees I have per day, but it is probably higher than what the doctors recommend. Except my regular Starbucks runs, I like to start the day with a latte made in my Nespresso machine. I go through the capsules with impressive stealth and the lovely folks down at the store are used to seeing my familiar face fairly frequently. They have expanded their lungo range to include some additional flavors, and I love to try the newbies! In all honesty, I can not tell you that I always taste the difference (except that time I bought something that claimed to be as strong as Cuban coffee, which was epic) but I enjoy buying the multi-colored treats nevertheless.10 things that made me happy

10. New venue in town

We went our for dinner at a newly opened wine bar joint in town, Do Wine & Dine. Except for the practical difficulties that going to a wine and deli place, whilst fasting presents, the evening was superbly fun. We had a taste of all the shellfish on the menu, as well as indulged in some deliciously refreshing salads. The design of the place is superbly pleasing to the eye and I see myself frequenting the joint after my fasting spell is over. We had a lovely time people watching (as you do), comparing terrifying dentist experiences and counting people that insisted on walking into the glass double doors of the restaurant, for whatever reason (okay, there were only 2, but we really were not there for very long).

 There goes my list of 10 things that made me happy for the week past. Seeing as this week has a bank holiday (Yay!), I expect it to be absolutely chock-full of great ‘happy’ times.

P.S. Here is a little OOTD that pretty much sums up my winter staple wardrobe of leather leggings, white T-shirt and a black blazer. I usually spruce it up with some flashy accessories, such as a few bangles and other jewelry ( I tend to gravitate towards yellow gold, but white gold works better with my skin tone, actually), as well as ‘punchy’ footwear, like these animal print pumps or a bright red clutch. This time I sported the clutch I got as a belated birthday gift and raved about in my previous post.


  • I love this post so much! It has been great working with you, I’m so glad you enjoyed guest posting for me 🙂 Your content is great, as I keep saying x

    • Thanks, Marie. I love writing these weekly posts, they really keep me going on Mondays.
      I am very excited for post 2/2 of the day, though, as it really sets this Monday apart. Counting down, as we speak!
      Looking forward to working with you more, as it has been tremendously rewarding.

    • Thanks, Marie. I love writing these weekly posts, they really keep me going on Mondays.
      I am very excited for post 2/2 of the day, though, as it really sets this Monday apart. Counting down, as we speak!
      Looking forward to working with you more, as it has been tremendously rewarding.