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24 Feb 10 DIY Gift Projects For Men

So yesterday was a very odd but beautiful holiday in Russia. It is beautiful because it celebrates men, specifically, and, let’s face it, that does not happen often. It’s odd because it originally celebrated men that fought in wars, which is far from what the holiday means nowadays. Yet, it is the day we give gifts to the important men in our lives. Personally, I find picking gifts for men very difficult. Women just have so many more things they enjoy owning, with a wide variety of prices to make it easy to find something special. For men, the task is daunting. Today we have a guest blogger Annabelle Short, who will suggest innovative gift ideas for men, which will ring true any time of the year. Stay tuned for DIY gift ideas for men. 

10 DIY Gift Projects For Men

Not to toot my own horn here, but I do like to think of myself as a master gift giver. At the moment, I’m working on coming up with a good list of DIY gift ideas. There’s something about giving a DIY gift that’s so much more personal and thoughtful, you know? Here are a few of the best ideas I’ve had so far:

1. Homemade Hand Scrub

I know, I know, this one sounds a little girly, but a lot of guys do tough, greasy work that gets their hands dirty and rough. (A lot of girls do too, but that’s not who this list is about.) A good hand scrub is easy and cheap to make. Just use one part sugar and one part olive oil and a few drops of essential oils or vanilla extract. It smells great, feels great, and you can even put it in a manly-looking tin to butch it up a little.

2. Bow Ties

This idea requires the teeny-tiniest amount of skill with a sewing machine, but if you can sew in a straight line and trace a pattern, you can handle it. Unless you’ve really got an eye for this kind of thing, you might find that a pattern and instructions will help you out, and there are tons of those for free online. If you find you enjoy it, you might even consider going into business. Throw your own label on those puppies (this website has some examples of labels you can make for your own company) and put them online or take them to a craft fair.

gifts for men  

3. A Book Safe

Most men are still children at heart, and nothing would delight them more than having a top-secret place to hide their treasures. Plus, book safes can make you feel like you’re living in a spy novel. Choose a book that will look good on the recipient’s book shelf, then cut out a big square from most of the pages and glue the remaining edges together so he can hide his valuables some place no one will ever look.

4. Handkerchiefs

You can get varying degrees of crafty with this gift. You may want to pick out a fabric he’ll like and sew up the edges so they don’t ravel, or you might choose a pre-made handkerchief and do something to personalize it like embroidering his initials. Embroidering is really just as easy as tracing. Print out the initials onto computer paper, trace that onto the handkerchief, and then trace it again but this time with a needle and thread.

5. Map Coasters

For the travel buff, map coasters are a great gift. Just find pre-made coasters or an appropriately shaped substitute (like ceramic tiles from a hardware store) and use decoupage to adhere the map. Choose maps that have meaning for him, like the town he studied abroad in during college or the city where you met him. This is also a great gift to ever so kindly remind him to stop getting rings on your coffee table.


6. Photo Collage

Do some decorating for him by putting his favorite pictures together into a framed collage. You might want to do them all in one big frame, or you might go slightly more chic and give him several small frames with individual photos. If you’re feeling really nice you could even hang them in an interesting arrangement on his wall.

7. Sweet Treats

Can you ever really go wrong with giving someone baked goods? Bake his favorite batch of cookies, cake or pie. This is probably one of my favorite ideas, because I can probably convince him to share with me. It’s win-win, which is the best kind of gift-giving. Similarly, you might put together a popcorn tin, cook his favorite meal, or make some homemade beef jerky.


8. Make a Chef’s Kit

If you’re more interested in getting him to cook you food, making a chef’s kit or grill master kit is a great choice. Those of you who are good at sewing can make your own apron(again, abundant tutorials online) or just buy one in the store. The DIY part comes in when you’re assembling the kit. Choose a few of his favorite spices or marinades to include and add a gadget he’s been wanting for a while, like spring-loaded tongs or an instant-read meat thermometer.

9. His Family Tree

This is a great option for the less crafty gift giver who still wants to give well, but the downside is that it can be a lot of work to do yourself. However, it’s totally manageable with a little time and know-how. Research his family tree online, then come up with creative ways to display it in a frame to hang on the wall. This is both a really moving and thoughtful gift and something that will look great hanging in his house.

10. An “Open When” Box

To give you a fair warning, this idea is hugely sappy, but it’s also hugely sweet. And men need love too, so you shouldn’t be afraid to show it to them. Spend some time writing encouraging letters to him, then put each letter in an envelope with instructions for when to read it. For example, “open when I’m far away” might have a letter about how much you miss him when he’s gone. Package all the envelopes together in a nice box. This is a great gift for someone you love because it will keep being useful to him over and over again when he’s down.

gifts for men

So, there they are, my ideas for DIY gifts for the men in your life. What do you think? What do you give your partner, dad, or guy friend when you want to give something DIY and extra thoughtful?

Anabelle ShortAnnabelle Short, is a seamstress who loves to make crafts with her kids. She  also write for Wunderlabel. You can visit me her at https://www.facebook.com/wunderlabel.co.uk/ to learn more about her and her handmade creations